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Uriah Heep- Very eavy Very umble-2CD-2016-D2H

Disc 1/2

01 Gypsy
02 Walking In Your Shadow
03 Come Away Melinda
04 Lucy Blues
05 Dreammare
06 Real Turned On
07 I'll Keep On Trying
08 Wake Up (Set Your Sights)

Disc 2/2

01 Gypsy (Extended V3.4 Mix)
02 Real Turned On (V3.5 Mix)
03 Dreammare (V3.5 Mix)
04 Come Away Belinda (V3.7 Mix)
05 Born In A Trunk (V3.3 Mix)
06 Wake Up (Set Your Sights) (V.3.4 Mix)
07 I'll Keep On Trying (V3.4 Mix)
08 Walking In Your Shadow (V3.5 Mix)
09 Lucy Blues (V3.7 Mix)
10 Born In A Trunk (Instrumental V3.6 Mix)
11 Magic Lantarn (V3.3 Mix)
12 Bird Of Prey (U.S. Alternate Mix V3.1)