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Hand of Fate 2 Endless Mode Update v1 3 2-PLAZA

Hand of Fate 2 brings a host of new mechanics to the table, and improves on every element of it's hit predecessor. Companions will fight at your side, new challenges will test your skills, and a swathe of new opponents will fight against you.

This update requieres:

Update v1.3.2:
- Endless point exchange encounters (Sacrifice, Humble Offering, Keeper of Sorrows) and the General Store are no longer completely random instead are assigned to specific Adventures
- Twitch update - Dealer hats have been added to the gift options for voting
- Fixed a crash that occurred at the end of an Endless run (GoG only)
- Fixed a bug with the challenge/adventure objective UI would play effects when hidden or transitioning
- Fixed a bug where the Knight’s Helm was deducting Defence instead of increasing it
- Fixed issue with how Defence was being calculated
- Fixed a text bug with the companions high score trait
- Fixed a bug where the Bitter Winter Harvest encounter would remain in the players deck forever. Is now removed after it has been used.